Winter Skincare Routine

It is winter lovelies!!  Cold, dry winter weather = dry, winkle prone skin.  I am not a fan of dry skin at all.  It feels tight and uncomfortable, leads to scratches and scarring.  Follow these steps and your skin will thank you!


Consonant Natural foaming face wash.  I’ve been using this face wash for the last 3 years throughout ALL seasons!!  It’s a Canadian company made with all natural ingredients and my face loves it! It also removes your makeup (when not wearing too much) and tones your skin. So one less step after you wash.  This is a plus for busy moms! Another thing I love is you wash your face once a day with this foaming face wash.  Washing your face twice a day, unless indicated by your dermatologist, is over kill.  It’s drying out the skin, unnecessary and cost $$$.  My face wash lasts a good 2-3 months! I can definitely appreciate that! This face wash is not drying to the skin at all and leaves if feeling clean and refreshed.  Listen, this face wash is my face forever love.

Tip: I start washing my face with warm water to open up the pores, then end with cool water to close my pores back up.

Tip: Lets touch on the face brush for a quick minute.  You don’t need a super expensive one. I use mine after a long day of makeup wearing on my second wash..yes I said 2nd, sometimes it’s necessary.  Otherwise I use the face brush at least once a week. Great for getting rid of the dead skin.


I splash my face with some cold water in the morning and tone with my own equal parts mixture of water, witch hazel and rose water.  These ingredients are great at refreshing the skin and keeping my pores closed and small.


Laneige  Moisture Bank.  When I hit 30, I noticed my normal to oily skin was now going towards the normal to dry side, especially when I woke up in the mornings.  I needed more moisture. Off to Sephora I went to sample skin creams and settled on Laneige Moisture Bank. The name does not lie.  It is a rich cream, not too heavy and not greasy, that leaves my skin feeling sublime. I use a bit more at night and normally a little less during the day but with the cold weather setting in use your judgement, I use the same amount at night and in the morning.

Lips; Bite Beauty Agave lip balm.  This lip balm is amazing!! Just try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  It is such a rich lip balm, it keeps my lips fully hydrated all night.  I feel like it’s more a lip mask than a balm really.  I purchase this from Sephora.

Tip: I use brown sugar and olive oil to exfoliate my lips every 1-2 weeks or as needed.  It’s great at getting rid of the dead skin to reveal healthy lips ready to soak up the goodness of the Agave lip balm mentioned above.  


DHE mask from Consonant Skincare.  This mask is a skin saviour.  It brightens my skin, removes the impurities.  Cannot go wrong; Canadian and all natural!

And those are my steps for surviving winter.  Skincare for the rest of my body is a whole different story.   We’ll get into that another time.




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