Product Review – hydrating Face Masks – Ren & Laneige

We're going to get through this winter with smooth hydrated and moisturized skin. Read this blog post for more information on the benefits of hydrating and moisturizing face masks.

Summer Skincare Essentials

Do you switch up your skincare routine in the summer? Read on to find out how easy it is to have your skin feeling great with these summer skincare essentials. Skincare routines need to be adjusted as seasons change, we have to keep up in order to keep our skin in glowing condition. Let’s discuss some summer skincare hacks, products and essentials to get your skin through summer.

Face Acids: AHA, BHA & PHA

What are the benefits of using face acids? Hydroxy acids brightens, exfoliates and gives the skin a glow. Read on to learn all about face acids and reasons why you need to add them to your current skincare regimen ASAP.

Winter Skincare Routine

It is winter lovelies!!  Cold, dry winter weather = dry, winkle prone skin.  I am not a fan of dry skin at all.  It feels tight and uncomfortable, leads to scratches and scarring.  Follow these steps and your skin will thank you! Cleanse Consonant Natural foaming face wash.  I’ve been using this face wash for... Continue Reading →

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