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Hello and welcome to The Skin & Beauty Nurse where you get informative and applicable skin and beauty information for everyday use.

By day, I’m a Public Health Nurse, by night I’m a skincare-obsessed wife, and mom of 3 littles, and lover of all things coconut! It’s a busy life and I love it here.

My love and interest in skincare ignited a few years ago as I struggled with my skin problems; chronic post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH), and melasma (darkened areas on my face). Then I developed acne like never before. I needed answers and solutions that worked for my skin. So I started researching and learning what I could about the science of skincare.

I realized I was not the only person of colour with these problems and started sharing what I was learning to help others. Fast forward some years and a few blog re-launches and here we are!

Thank you for stopping by, subscribing, commenting, and scrolling. I appreciate you and am glad you’ve decided to join me in this little spot on the internet.

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